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Product brief introduction:
Number: Producing area:
The price: 300-700 RMB / roll norms:
Brief specification: It says man-made fibre decorates wall covering fabric again, phyletic and various, the common useful thread sticking gum, acetic acid fiber, 3 acerbity fiber, chemical fibber that waits for man-made fibre to be made decorates wall covering fabric. The characteristic is decorative pattern design novel and beautiful, lubricious a local opera of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and, avirulent insipidity, permeability is good, fade not easily.

Introduce in detail:
Wall paper of this kind of temperature adjustment shares three-layer; Relying on li of layer of the wall is adiabatic layer, can keep apart frosty wall body come; Intermediate layer is a kind of special adjustment layer, form by the fiber that manages through chemistry, have the effect that absorbs lukewarm, accumulation of heat; Outer and beautiful easy, there are countless openings above, imprint have adornment pattern. 2, Rou Man silk wall cloth - cloth of wall of silk of Rou Man of interior decoration new style is by quartz the natural material such as He Baiyun stone makes arenaceous, soda, lime, avirulent, insipidity is beneficial to health. Cloth of this kind of wall can prevent microbial or of helminth cause, also do not have electrostatic, avoid to produce allergic reaction thereby; The surface has warm, comfortable feel; The open space of fabric structure, the nature that is helpful for vapor sends out, promoted indoor airy to adjust greatly, because this is material of environmental protection of a kind of new-style green. The soft metope that overflow silk can bear the force with ruinous height, even if intense disinfectant, acid-base corrode, it is to burn to cannot injure it even. This is its distinctive function. It is chemical stability next tall, do not light, mouldproof, do not fade, the contamination on the wall can be swabbed at any time. Because tenacity is good, can prevent wall body craze effectively, the “ that be called rips infrangible wallpaper ” . Strewn at random and unique figure, it is certain to have more sound-absorbing quality, durable sex is good, life is as long as 15 years of above. Silk wall cloth can satisfy Rou Man the need of different adornment style. Provided the creation space that is different from common for stylist. Construction is easy, apply to all surfaces: Concrete, brick wall, plasterboard, particieboard, board, pottery and porcelain. If need to be decorated afresh, should be in only coating of former surface round brush can.
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