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Homebred grain wallpaper
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  • Appear on the market time: 2008-09-09
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Product brief introduction:
Number: Producing area:
The price: 220 RMBs / roll Norms:

Brief specification: Characteristic: Simple sense is simple and honest, wear well, can effective mouldproof, fight bacterium, cut off humidity, have flame retardant, flame retardant character, have sound-absorbing ability can prevent effectively electrostatic.

Introduce in detail:

This is a wall low in higher variety. Basically be to use silk, , the fiber such as abb, cotton, hemp is woven. Simple sense beautiful, permeability is good. Decorate a bedroom with it, give a person with decorous, downy, cozy feeling. Do not have among them spinning wallpaper is to use the natural fiber such as cotton, hemp or cleanse, nitrile synthetic fibre, spin through notting have shape, on material of a kind of when print chromatic decorative pattern and become colophony, advanced facing. Its character is to hold out tear off draw together, not easily, rich flexibility, the surface is bright and clean, have the feeling of cashmere wool again, and colour and lustre is bright-coloured, design is refined, fade not easily, have certain permeability, can swab. Brocade wall cloth is a more advanced kind, damask face is knitted have quaint and fine figure, colour and lustre is gorgeous, softness of quality of a material, of paperhanging technical ask with craft sex very tall. Its price is more expensive. Multi-purpose at indoor and advanced adornment. If need to know detailed wallpaper information, land Chinese wallpaper net please (

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