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Korea DID wallpaper
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  • Appear on the market time: 2008-09-10
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Product brief introduction:
Number: Producing area:
The price: 400-600 euro / roll Norms:

Brief specification: Without the wallpaper that spin cloth: Call cloth oar fiber wallpaper again, produce with the United States give priority to. It is to use the natural fiber such as cotton, hemp or cleanse fine synthetic fibre, spin through notting have shape, on material of a kind of when print chromatic decorative pattern and become colophony, new-style more advanced facing, latter very popular. Its characteristic is environmental protection, breathe freely, durable, surface is bright and clean

Introduce in detail:

Its are the earliest wallpaper, the surface can imprint design or press a flower. Base permeability is good, can make the moisture in wall system grass-roots unit sends out outwards, do not send cause become angry, the phenomenon such as bosomy bubble. But function difference, do not be able to bear or endure water, disadvantageous Yu Qing is washed, do not facilitate construction, but low-cost. Produce lesser at present.

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